Updating your Facebook Cover Photo? Read this.

The only thing constant when it comes to social media is change. Keeping tabs on the dimensions, formats, new features, and specs across each platform can be a full-time job (hence, why we exist). 

One of the most common mistakes we see on social media is the Facebook Cover Photo. When executed properly, it can be a fun way to add personality to your Page. Not to mention it offers great real-estate for displaying important messages like a new campaign, promotion, or product launch. BUT, when executed incorrectly it's an eyesore and just looks amateur. There are a ton of brands that don't know that your Cover Photo will actually appear differently across devices, particularly Desktop vs. Mobile.

So, to make it easier for all, we recommend saving the image below and using it as a template the next time you make an update. And if you happen to be one of the brands doing it wrong, you can thank us later. 

Save me. Save time.

Save me. Save time.


So here is what Facebook officially says. In case you don't want to click we'll list the specs below along with a few tips.

Facebook Profile Picture:  

  • Upload as: The file must be at least 180 x 180
  • Displays as, Dektop: Will be cropped to 160 x 160
  • Displays as, Mobile: Will be cropped to 140 x 140 
  • File type: .PNG or .JPEG (we recommend .PNG)
  • Do always choose an image that fits in a perfect square. Personal Profiles have the luxury of uploading or creating a video. Company and Brand pages do not at this time thus it will always show as a static image. 
  • Do keep it simple. The best Profile Picture for your Brand's page is simply your logo. Use a plain white or colored background to really make it pop.
  • Don't use anything other than a legible logo. Picture of people, a product, or other random things aren't going to help you with instant brand recognition. 
  • Don't worry about changing it all the time. If you want to show your support based on current events (example A), then have it. Just change it back within a reasonable time frame (within a week). 

Facebook Cover Photo:

  • Upload as: 851 width x 315 height
  • Displays as, Desktop: 828 width x 315 height. Your Profile Pic will be 16 pixels from the left and 176 pixels from the top.
  • Displays as, Mobile: 640 width x 360 height. Your Profile Pic will be 24 pixels from the left and bottom and 196 pixels from the top. 
  • File type: .PNG or .JPEG (we recommend .PNG), less than 100 kb is best. 
  • Do make sure it looks good alongside your profile picture.
  • Do keep it simple. Busy graphics and a lot of text looks harsh. Your tagline or hashtag of the moment is plenty.
  • Do leverage the real estate. Here are some ideas:
    • A hero graphic, something that is instantly recognizable and constant with your brand (for example your store front) 
    • Change it to correlate with the four seasons 
    • Highlight your full product line
    • Feature a new product
    • Announce a new campaign or promotion 
    • Celebrate something special (like your brand's birthday month!)
    • Be creative and use your Cover Photo as an extension of your Profile Pic. 
  • Don't feel pressured to update. Some of the Page's we manage never change the image. Others change it based on the guidelines above. 
  • Don't rely on this as the only source to communicate something super important.
  • Don't go image crazy. Clean, crisp photos work best.
  • Don't forget about the Page Name, Description, and Call-to-Action buttons that appear along the bottom of your Cover Photo on Desktop. You can still see what is behind it, but it won't be fully visible. 


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The Intern Diaries: Hashtags

We get a lot of questions from social media newbies regarding hashtags. Our intern Jayna breaks them down, Grannie-style. 

Dear Grandma,

Now that you are on “The Facebook” and learning the ways of social media, I’m sure you’ve seen this little guy: #. Beware, this little symbol has a completely different meaning to me than it does to you. But my meaning could be a great tool for you to use in your new social endeavors. 

The hashtag symbol: #

Formally known as the pound sign or number symbol and was used back in the day of telephones and telegraphs.

A hashtag is simply a way to search for common topics on social media. It also can be used as a "tag" to categorize your own posts (tweets and Instagrams are best) to make your content discoverable.

For example:

If you search #4change, you can find a whole list of environmentally conscious content. You will only see the posts relating to this topic because that is how people have labeled their own web content. Unless of course someone "hi-jacked" a post simply to get more views and likes.

Some things to note:

  • Hashtags are not case sensitive. For example: #LOVE and #love will have the same results. Capitalization is more about aesthetics than functionality. 
  • #2many#hashtags#are#a#pain-in-the-butt#to#read. #Can#you#understand#this#QuestionMark. Some people really overdo it with their hashtags. They are not to be used as full sentences.
  • Never say the word "hashtag" in a sentence. Your 13-year old granddaughter may say “like, oh my god, hashtag awesome”, but she has yet to learn how silly she sounds.
  • Be specific with your hashtags; you can make up your own to be funny or try to start a trend. Most brands do this as part of their campaign strategy- be it engagement or brand recognition. 

Now go make your grandkids proud. Make them want to use #ThatsMyGrandma.



The Intern Diaries: 15 Unspoken Social Media Rules

To post or not to post? But how? Here are 15 cheeky "rules" to live by as told by a 20-year old female, aka our intern Kelsey. 

  1. Never like your own stuff, ever.

  2. Don’t serial post on the same social media platform. If you do post multiple times per day, they should be show stopping.

  3. Never post two selfies in a row. 

  4. Do not over emoji! Unless it is a 21st birthday, an engagement, or life changing event.

  5. Do not check in everywhere you go.

  6. You have to wait at least two weeks before deleting the pictures with that person you are “so over”.

  7. Always check your grammar and spelling. In fact, triple check it. 

  8. Don’t overwrite your captions and don’t over-use pic-stitches or hashtags. #sorrynotsorry

  9. Never emotionally post. You aren't fooling anyone. No matter how ambiguous you think you are being, everyone knows what you are talking about.

  10. Do not overly “love” post. PDA isn’t cute in-person or online. Don't give people a reason to start betting on how long your relationship will last.

  11. Don’t overthink friending someone. Everyone likes a confidence boost. But do be selective with people you've never even met. 

  12. Only post the pictures before your Friday night really gets started.

  13. Don’t ever comment without liking. Duh.

  14. Always like your bestie’s picture even if it isn’t a great or an exciting picture. You are besties.

  15. Avoid social media drama! Read it. Enjoy it. But never join it.

Also, try to keep the cliché manicure, Starbucks, and sunset pictures to a minimum. We can only like so many of those. When in doubt, Facebook is for pictures that weren’t good enough for Instagram.

Remember social media is a reflection of your personality so go ahead and you do you. Plus, life is more fun when you break the rules.