How to wear a Canadian Tuxedo.

Last fall, I became obsessed with the ultimate classic, the denim buttoned-down shirt. Aka the top half of a Canadian Tuxedo. Since I wasn't sure if I was going to fully commit to the trend, I purchased a lightweight, budget-friendly version from Forever 21. Unfortunately, the shirt is now sold out but there has been a surge in retailers who offer a very similar style. If someone happens to break into my apartment and steal it I would purchase this look alike from J.Crew.

Now that spring is right around the corner, I am preparing to transition my fav denim look to fit into my sunny weather wardrobe. Below are my eight favorite ways to rock my Canadian Tuxedo. And while I'm at it, is the proper style called 'button(ed)-up' or 'button(ed)-down' or Chambray? Does it matter?

Top: J.Crew, Polyvore, ?  |  Middle: ? , ?, ? magazine editorial  |  Bottom: ?, ?, ?


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