Notebooks with style.

Lately my mind has been swirling with thoughts. Projects at work. Chores that need to get done. Clothes I want to buy. A month full of events. Not to mention, just getting through daily life. Even though my iPhone has become a third appendage, I find myself being most productive when I can write things down with a good old [blue] pen and some paper. And yes, I'll admit, when I am writing a to-do list sometimes I write things down just so I can immediately cross them off and feel a sense of accomplishment.

But I think it's time to graduate from over-sized, neon post-its and upgrade to a big girl notebook. Something that I can carry around and quickly jot a thought down at a moments notice, without experiencing thumb cramps. Plus, it's a great excuse to indulge my stationery obsession. Below is a round up of stylish notebooks that have brought an onslaught of indecisiveness. So please, help a sista out and leave a comment with which one is your favorite.   
1. Lanvin, $19, ARWEY
2. Mon Petit, $16, Julia Kostreva 
3. Field Book, $8, russell + hazel
4. A6 Essential Notepad, $10, russell + hazel 
5. Amazing Ideas, $14, Sparrow Nest Script
6. Medium Notebook, $8, Poppin
7. 1970s Style, $9, Really Good 
8. Big Ideas Notebook, $14, C. Wonder