Don't settle.

Taking the lead from my very first blog post, I've decided to feature an inspirational quote each Monday to help set the tone for the week ahead. Aside from my admiration for Steve Jobs as a marketing genius, I have always been intrigued by his way with words. From his infamous keynote presentations that focused on technology to the far and few between interviews that were sprinkled with his outlook on life, there are too many quotes for me to choose just one favorite.

Admittedly, I usually equate my overall happiness to my fulfillment at work. I'm often torn between feeling inner peace for what I have and the desire for wanting more. So when I begin to bring into question all my life choices, and lately my professional sense of restlessness,  I often find myself re-reading this quote over and over and over again.  
For me, these words fuel my motivation. A motivation that evokes the desire I have to live passionately, to stay inspired by life, and in love with my profession. And when I think of the man who achieved greatness by never settling, inner peace becomes much more of a mindset rather than a final destination or collection of accomplishments.