27 things to do besides complain about the snow

Despite living in the Northeastern part of the United States for, well, ever, the first snow fall always seems to catch everyone off guard. And as the flakes begin to fly it's inevitable your Facebook and Twitter feeds will begin to be filled with updates from people complaining about the weather. How much they hate the winter. Ugh, snow. OMG this traffic, don't you people remember how to drive? And of course the ever popular "I am going to move" declaration. 

So in attempt to cheer up our social feeds this winter, we decided to put together a list of things that would be far more productive than taking to the internets to rant about Mother Nature.

  1.  Update your LinkedIn Profile.
  2.  Check your Facebook privacy settings.
  3.  Go fund a project on Kickstarter.
  4.  Help change the world.
  5.  Donate to our dear friend's wonderful charity, Untapped Shores.
  6.  Discover a new recipe.
  7.  Learn a new language.
  8.  Rock your body and break a sweat.
  9.  Save a cat.
  10.  Or a dog.
  11.  Feed someone.
  12.  Start your holiday shopping.
  13.  Take a class.
  14.  Explore the world.
  15.  Overhaul your dated, boring resume.
  16.  Check your credit score.
  17.  Thank a soldier.
  18.  Now cry.
  19.  Watch this.
  20.  Laugh because you just fell for that.
  21.  Throw yourself a party.
  22.  Send a loved one a note.
  23.  Wish you were somewhere else.
  24.  Embrace the snow.
  25.  Or stay inside and bingewatch.
  26.  Just calm down.
  27.  And realize that this list is nice and all but doing almost anything is better than complaining via social media.