The Intern Diaries: Meet Jayna & Kelsey

In honor of bringing on not one but two kick-ass interns for the summer we are starting a blog series aptly titled “The Intern Diaries”. Whether you are a client, a potential hire, or just some stranger who randomly stumbled upon this post, hopefully you find it to be a candid and informative look into life as a Deelightful Studios marketing intern. But first, let's meet the latest members of our team. 


Major + Year: In the Fall of 2015, I will be graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a BFA in Photographic Arts and Sciences: advertising core.

Why did you choose your major? For me, this major is a way to prepare for a career in advertising and also grow my skills and love for visual arts.

Who would be your dream client or what would be your dream job? I hope to work as an Art Director. Where? I don’t know yet, because I hope to travel and work cross-culturally.

What inspires you most? The inspiration for my work comes from the people I surround myself with, and those people are amazing. Everyone has a story to tell, and no matter where you are from or what culture you grew up in, we all can relate on some level: I think that is something amazing. What else is amazing? Pigs, cupcakes, organized refrigerators, that feeling after a hard workout, Mom’s cooking, minions, and exploring new territory.

What about social media do you loveSocial media is an incredible and powerful tool which we often don’t think about as a tool. It can keep us connected to friends from around the globe, access new content and information, and is a place where you can share what you love with everyone.

What about social media do you loatheBut those notifications really make me want to throw my phone out sometimes (yes...yes I know I could turn them off).

At the end of your internship, what three things do you hope you will walk away with/learn? While interning at Deelightful Studios, I hope to learn more about managing clients, learn about social marketing strategies and how they convert to results, and create content. I’m very excited to be interning here and I think it will be a great experience to grow professionally, learn a lot, and have some fun.


Major + Year: I am a third year Graphic Design Major at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). 

Why did you choose your major? I went into graphic design because I knew I always wanted to do something with design. But for awhile I wanted to go into interior, then fashion design, then product design, and then graphic design. Graphic Design allows you to work with all types of people and with a little bit of everything! As a graphic designer somedays I do play around with fashion, music, or product design.

Who would be your dream client or what would be your dream job? Is it cheesy to say I would LOVE to work for Design Disney? Because that is the ultimate dream job.

What inspires you most? I would say that changes all the time. I probably get most of my inspiration from the people that are closest to me.

What about social media do you loveI am an Instagram and Pinterest junkie! #noshame

What about social media do you loatheHonestly, I probably use Twitter the least. I wouldn’t say I loathe it, it’s just the last one I hopped on board with.

At the end of your internship, what three things do you hope you will walk away with/learn? At the end of the summer I really just want to have real life experience. I want to walk away and be able to say I did this and I learned this. Portfolio building would just be a plus!