The Intern Diaries: 15 Unspoken Social Media Rules

To post or not to post? But how? Here are 15 cheeky "rules" to live by as told by a 20-year old female, aka our intern Kelsey. 

  1. Never like your own stuff, ever.

  2. Don’t serial post on the same social media platform. If you do post multiple times per day, they should be show stopping.

  3. Never post two selfies in a row. 

  4. Do not over emoji! Unless it is a 21st birthday, an engagement, or life changing event.

  5. Do not check in everywhere you go.

  6. You have to wait at least two weeks before deleting the pictures with that person you are “so over”.

  7. Always check your grammar and spelling. In fact, triple check it. 

  8. Don’t overwrite your captions and don’t over-use pic-stitches or hashtags. #sorrynotsorry

  9. Never emotionally post. You aren't fooling anyone. No matter how ambiguous you think you are being, everyone knows what you are talking about.

  10. Do not overly “love” post. PDA isn’t cute in-person or online. Don't give people a reason to start betting on how long your relationship will last.

  11. Don’t overthink friending someone. Everyone likes a confidence boost. But do be selective with people you've never even met. 

  12. Only post the pictures before your Friday night really gets started.

  13. Don’t ever comment without liking. Duh.

  14. Always like your bestie’s picture even if it isn’t a great or an exciting picture. You are besties.

  15. Avoid social media drama! Read it. Enjoy it. But never join it.

Also, try to keep the cliché manicure, Starbucks, and sunset pictures to a minimum. We can only like so many of those. When in doubt, Facebook is for pictures that weren’t good enough for Instagram.

Remember social media is a reflection of your personality so go ahead and you do you. Plus, life is more fun when you break the rules.